jippity (adj) \jih•pih•tee\ 1. Extremely happy and upbeat, perky 2. Hands-out-in-the-air, hair-flying, feet-tapping, face-wide grinning silliness 3. Utterly unique and fabulous

Jippity Juice is the distilled essence of jippity. It's the candy man's best shot at bottling happiness and uniqueness. It comes in infinite flavors and doesn't make you fat, it tastes great and is good for you, too. Jippity Juice is creativity with flair, zip, and a little bit of lemony goodness all mixed in with that fabulous bubbly effervescence that tickles your nose. Try some, buy some for your mom. Sip it like a fine wine and then chug it like an icy cola on a hot day.
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